About Daniel Alexander Films

Daniel Alexander is a multi award winning Filmmaker and Director from the UK.
With over 9 years in the industry, Daniel has worked with an impressive caliber of clients including the BBC, Nike, Apple, Channel 4, BBC 2, MTV, BET, The Box, Virgin Media, Mike Tyson, Barclay Card, EA Sports, and many more.

With a host of skills including Director of photography, Editor, Director, Colourist and Writer, Daniel has developed himself as a brand, which is known for creating breathtaking visuals and a wealth of experience. Daniel is also deeply rooted within the community and frequently provides training and educational workshops/resources for young people and adults.

Various products, which are now popular within the filmmaking community have been produced from the ground up by Daniel Alexander. This includes the popular colour grading package ‘CINEPRE‘, the collection of cinematic sounds and atmospheres known as ‘ARCADIAN SOUND‘ and the popular ‘FILMPACK‘, which features a host of free templates, contracts and tools for filmmakers.


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